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TheAdviserTimes.com is a FREE digital newspaper that provides financial news and opinions. Updated 24/7, stories involve the business world, financial planning, the economy, taxes and legal stories. The site sources material from major publications as well as niche content providers. Launched in 2022 by The Independent Adviser Corporation, it is part of a network of over 15 websites dedicated to offering 100% objective and independent advice.

Our Core Values: Independence and Objectivity:

Our publishing and distribution principles are founded on complete independence and unwavering objectivity. Through our websites, we provide access to:

  • Unbiased Guidance: Offering investment research and educational resources that are entirely free and unbiased.
  • Free Consultations: Ensuring that experienced advice is always just a conversation away, with no strings attached.
  • Exclusive Directory: Providing quick access to the nation’s only toll-free directory for Fee-Only professionals at 1800ADVISER.COM.

We are more than just a digital publication; we serve as a bridge connecting knowledgeable independent professionals with those seeking guidance.

For Professionals:
We offer a distinguished platform for professionals to showcase their expertise, both digitally and in print. Contributing to our magazine not only builds trust and credibility with potential clients but also serves as an invaluable resource for existing clients. Professionals can submit articles for publication, which will be further distributed across social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, enhancing their visibility and reinforcing their credibility.

Crafting Excellence: The Authors Behind Our Independent Content

Under the leadership and tutelage of Michael Porcelain, founder of The Independent Adviser Corporation, we are committed to crafting trustworthy and reliable information. This dedication to integrity and objectivity makes our content a valuable tool for our readers. The essence of our published articles lies in unparalleled expertise. We understand the nuances and complexities faced by those navigating the financial and legal landscapes, and our professionals dedicate their craft to addressing these challenges through informative and empowering articles. Our profound understanding extends across a spectrum of specialized websites, including:

Our content resonates with those in search of genuine, unbiased guidance. It stands apart from the often-biased narratives found on the Internet or in materials authored by commissioned professionals like commissioned brokers, life insurance agents, and even crooks. We focus on issues that are frequently overlooked or underrepresented, providing a fresh, unbiased perspective that prioritizes the reader’s interests and needs. Our articles are more than just words; they are a gateway to informed decision-making, offering clarity and insight in a world where unbiased advice is invaluable.

TheAdviserTimes.com offers a diverse range of free investment research, educational resources, and informational material to individuals, families, and businesses. This includes third-party content that is distributed or redistributed to us through Really Simple Syndication (“RSS”) feeds. These feeds include those directly available on third-party websites or through RSS feed distributors. Our approach to using RSS feeds is designed to ensure compliance with both the spirit and letter of copyright laws, particularly under the Fair Use exemption of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), as outlined below:

Compliance with Fair Use: We believe that our usage of publicly available RSS feeds falls under the Fair Use exemption of the DMCA. This belief is based on our commitment to using these feeds for informational and educational purposes, thus adding value to the public domain without compromising the interests of the original content creators. In our distribution and redistribution of content from third-party RSS feeds, we do not make any modifications to the content as it is made available to us. This policy ensures the integrity of the original content is maintained, respecting the efforts of the original creators.

Source Attribution: In line with best practices and ethical standards, we provide direct links to the sources of information. Each article or content piece redistributed through our platform concludes with a “Source link,” directing users to the original content. This not only acknowledges the original creator but also encourages our users to explore the primary source for more detailed information. We do not claim ownership of any content redistributed through third-party RSS feeds. Our role is that of a facilitator, providing a platform for diverse content while respecting the rights of the original owners.

Our use of RSS feeds reflects our dedication to respecting intellectual property rights and fostering a knowledge-sharing environment.

Our Offices 

Although we operate virtually, we maintain a physical office at 482 W. Main Street, Huntington, NY 11743 and can be reached at 516-422-1816 (please be sure to leave a detailed message). The absolute best way to reach us is by completing our Contact Us Form

To learn more about us visit TheAdviser.com – History.

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